WarCraft 3 pc lags here how to solve

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WarCraft 3 pc lags here how to solve

Post  EddieBG on Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:57 am

Hello hna community for those who have slow personal computers(pc) such as my self and they lag in game while they ping is fair here how to solve pc lag. Firstly go to wc3 main menu/options/video then set Model Detail/Animation Quality/Texture Quality/Particles/Lights/Spell Detail all to Low/Medium(if u have average pc/those who have dual core processors and high ram this topic isnt for you since u aint suffer of pc lags). For the last 7 days i suffer a bit in game due lags but today i've read some topics about it, actually lags - FPS/Frames Per Second came when u set qualities to high same thing to World of WarCraft. Now i finaly can play without any lags. Last night when i checked my Windows Task Manager i saw that wc3.exe takes about 340-380k as memory(Private Working Set) while reducing the quality now it takes no more than 175-190k and i no longer have pc lags. I made this topic because there are some people with slow pc's like me who dont get why they have pc lag. Only problem is that u dont have good quality but good things are that you play without lags unless you have bad connection. Best Regards: EddieBG

P.S best way end process like firefox skype or any other process who isnt in the important system tasks and u can play with np.

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