Clan Wars Rules

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Clan Wars Rules

Post  EddieBG on Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:35 am

1.Global chat will be muted when the battle begins.
2. Four players will go random heroes. Swap and Repick are allowed. The Fifth play will pick, in order to keep combo somehow balanced. There is no restriction if the team have 2 or more heals/stuns due random system. After the battle ends. Teams will pick same combination of their opponents. For every Clan War there will be only 2 Rounds. This means both teams will swap their opponents heroes.
3. Feeding allies with gold is forbidden.
4. Laming with invulnerable units from Paladin/Death Knight is forbidden.
5. Shackles are only allowed if the team have only 1 stun. Numbers of shackles must be 2.
6. Staff of Sillence is allowed only if the team don't have Silence. Only one Staff must be purchased.
7. Staff of Negation is allowed only if there is Paladin/Death Knight ultimates and if there is 2 silencess. Note Staff of Sillence and Staff of Negation should not be used together. Choise wisely which staff you need. Also no stacking dispels like Doom Guard Dispels and Archimonde. Also you're not able to buy Staff of Negation while your team has orb of lighting.
8. Orb of Lighting must be purchased only from 1 player. In order to keep things balanced. All other orbs can stack multiple for each heroes. Speed Pot is allowed only if oponent have 2 or more slows. Example Drunken Haze + Thunder Clap and Frost Nova + Earthquake(this doesn't means that if other slowing effects like Frost Arrows, Tornado, Poison Arrows you can't buy speed pot). However to evade stacking with speed pot. Only one player should buy and use it. Choise wisely who will use it. Important Exception. Speed Pot isn't allowed if there is stacking speed auras like Endurance/Holy/Unholy Auras.
9. Items allowed: Mana Potion, Antimagic Shell, All normal items, except different circumstaces in eight rule.
10. Golems and Dragons are forbidden, however you can buy golem only when you go to Boss Arena.
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